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Backbone.js Issue Tracker This is a bug/issue tracker written in Backbone.js, jQuery, Underscore.js, Bootstrap and Yii Framework as the backend. Project is under development and any contribution is welcomed and appricated. Installation Instructions Fork Repository Change the DB settings under application/protected/config/main.php Import the schema.sql Lunch the appliation through the browser navigating to the index.html file […]

We have started writing down the things we would like to add to the PHP Project Manager we are developing, And would like to invite and encourage everyone to help us with listing down things you would like to see in *your* project manager, It can be anything and we will try to consider everything […]

InlineReport is a small JQuery plugin written to allow website users and visitors to report content they see as a bug, Inappropriate, Spam, or event report typos they see in blog posts, Articles, Tutorials, News and any other content. Using InlineReport is Simple, Easy and efficient. All you need to do is to load the […]