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I’ve been working full time for a company in the real estate industry for nearly two years now. As the senior developer i’d had the opportunity to use and experience with various technologies, services and tools that i haven’t used before. I’ve developed the entire company software, tools they use and the iPhone App that […]

בתאריך ה-5.9.10 שוחררה הגרסא האחרונה של Yii בגרסא 1.1.4. גרסא זו כוללת למעלה מ 60 תיקונים לבאגים שונים שנמצאו בגרסאות קודמות. בנוסף, נוספו מספר אפשרויות חדשות ועודכנו מספר אפשרויות שכבר קיימות באפליקציה.

Many people were asking about a simple class installer wizard that will do just the basic application installation in PHP, As a developer you would want to make things as simple as possible to the end user, So having an installer that will do all the hard work is something that i find useful and […]