Category: Yii E-Commerce

I’ve released the current state of the Yii eCommerce platform. The only thing that was worked on so far was the Admin section so there is no frontend to the application. for more information please visit Github:

A generic admin theme built with Bootstrap free for both personal and commercial use. This is still a work in progress. Pages: Login Admin Dashboard Preview:

Here are screenshots taken from the Admin side of the Yii eCommerce Application. All screenshots are self explanatory. Some of the screenshots taken more then once or got deformed due to the Extension used to take those screenshots, just ignore those.

Yii eCommerce is going along nicely. Since i’ve used a premium theme for the Admin side of the application i can’t release this. I’ll be working on converting all the views to Bootstrap designing it myself and dropping the Admin theme currently installed. Any designers willing to help by contributing pages designed with bootstrap that […]

Latest feature in the Yii E-Commerce platform is the Language Manager. This language manager is similar to the one i’ve used in Yii Framework CMS, With a few new features. With the current language manger you can: Create/Update/Delete Languages from the control panel Translate strings for each language separately Sync between source language and destination […]