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I’ve been working full time for a company in the real estate industry for nearly two years now. As the senior developer i’d had the opportunity to use and experience with various technologies, services and tools that i haven’t used before. I’ve developed the entire company software, tools they use and the iPhone App that […]

Yii eCommerce is going along nicely. Since i’ve used a premium theme for the Admin side of the application i can’t release this. I’ll be working on converting all the views to Bootstrap designing it myself and dropping the Admin theme currently installed. Any designers willing to help by contributing pages designed with bootstrap that […]

Updated list of US Zip Codes, State, City & County This list contains nearly 42,000 Zip Codes from 62 Different states (Including Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Marshall Islands, U.S Armed Forces) There is one MYSQL dump file that contains a table ‘zip_code’ with 4 columns (zip_code, city, county, state) AA AE AK […]

“Adjacent is an adjective meaning contiguous, adjoining or abutting. It is commonly used in scientific, specifically mathematical contexts.” This Repository contains a CSV file, PHP Array file and a MYSQL Dump file for all the states that have at least one adjacent state. This was created due to a recent need for this and since […]

Pure Inspection Managment – Simple and Efficent cloud based Home Inspection Manager. With this tool you’ll be able to Generate, Process, Send, Receive, View, Download Reports from anywhere using any kind of Operating System, Browser and Mobile Device. Want to be notified when the site launches and the magic happens? Enter your email address in […]

Latest feature in the Yii E-Commerce platform is the Language Manager. This language manager is similar to the one i’ve used in Yii Framework CMS, With a few new features. With the current language manger you can: Create/Update/Delete Languages from the control panel Translate strings for each language separately Sync between source language and destination […]

להלן רשימה של ספרים מומלצים (כאלו שקראתי או כאלו שלפי התקציר נראים כספרים שנכתבו בצורה ברורה).

נוספה בחינה חדשה במערכת הבחינות בנושא של מסדי נתונים MySQL 5 . בכדי לצפות בבחינה נא ללחוץ כאן.

We have added a new test to our testing system for MySQL 5. You can check it out at our testing center. Visit the test center at This Link

PHP Developer job position The PHP Developer will be responsible for developing the backend engine of our e-commerce platform. Projects will range from modifying templates to enhancing site functionality to developing entirely new online products. This role will be immersed in the entire software development life cycle (design, code generation, testing and maintenance). The ideal […]

MySQL Data Types Quick Reference Table: MySQL Version 5.0 Learning how to use the MySQL database properly can take quite a bit of time. It is not uncommon to select a less than optimal data type when setting up a new table. Multiple data types are available for each value that you wish to store. […]

After reading Tapos Blog post about the differences between InnoDB and MyISAM database engines i found out that InnoDB does not only support row level locking but more then that, By doing a small fast research i came to those main differences:

הרבה בקשות ושאלות נשאלו בנוגע לאשף התקנה ב PHP כדי להתקין מערכות כתובת ב PHP בצורה פשוטה יותר, בתור מתכנת אחד הדברים העיקרים שאני שם לב אליהם זה הפשטות ונוחות השימוש ללקוח. לכן מתן אשף התקנה פשוט שכל מה שהלקוח צריך זה להריץ אותו כדי להתקין את המערכת שבעבורה הוא שילם הינו גורם חשוב בכל […]

Many people were asking about a simple class installer wizard that will do just the basic application installation in PHP, As a developer you would want to make things as simple as possible to the end user, So having an installer that will do all the hard work is something that i find useful and […]

ישנם כל כך הרבה שאלות בנוגע לנושא הזה, שאני חושב שכדי שלכל אחד יהיה את העמוד הבא שמור במועדפים. נתקלתי בעמוד הבא במהלך גלישה באינטרנט וקריאת בלוגים שונים ברשת. אני חושב שהוא מציג הרבה דרכים למציאת פירצות אבטחה ב SQL ועל ידי כך כל מתכנת יוכל לדעת איך לחסום אותם. אומנם זה באנגלית אבל זה […]