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This is a simple PHP Wrapper for searching and viewing listing information. Please read the Terms Of Use before using this library.


depends on PHP 5.4+, Goutte 2.0+, Guzzle 4+.


Add vince/` as a require dependency in your composer.json file:
php composer.phar require vince/


use Realtor\RealtorClient;

$client = new RealtorClient();

Make requests with a specific API call method:

// Run search by address
$response = $client->searchByAddress(‘5400 Tujunga Ave’);
// Run search by address
$response = $client->getListingsByZip(90021, $perPage[10,20,50], $currentPage=1);
// Run search by address
$response = $client->getListingsByCityAndState(‘Los Angeles’, ‘CA’, $perPage[10,20,50], $currentPage=1);
// Run search by address
$response = $client->getInformation(‘LISTING FULL URL’);

  • See example directory for example usage. The result will always be an array. refer to the RESULT file to see an example result.


MIT license.

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