Yii eCommerce Changes

Yii eCommerce is going along nicely. Since i’ve used a premium theme for the Admin side of the application i can’t release this. I’ll be working on converting all the views to Bootstrap designing it myself and dropping the Admin theme currently installed. Any designers willing to help by contributing pages designed with bootstrap that fit the admin part of the application please let me know.

Here are some of the features being worked on:

  • Dropping Dulcet admin and using basic Bootstrap (To be able to release this to the public)

  • Using Twig as the template engine for both Admin & Front-End of the site to minimize risk and better readability

  • Using JS MVC framework for the Front-End of the website for better scalability, code management & speed (Probably going to use either AngularJS/Ember).

  • Design a basic Bootstrap theme for the Front-End.

Feel free to reach out if you are willing to help before this is released and posted on Github.


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