Yii Widget for the Aloha Editor

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  • JQuery > 1.7.1
  • Browser:
    • Firefox 3+
    • Safari 4+
    • Chrome 4+
    • Opera 10+
    • IE 7+


  1. Download or Clone the files
  2. Extract into the widgets folder or extensions folder


Using with a model

$this->widget('application.widgets.alohaeditor.AlohaEditor', array( 'model' =>
 $model, 'attribute' =>
 'some_attribute', 'showTextarea' =>
 true ));
  • By default ‘showTextarea’ is set to false

Using selector to set multiple elements editable

$this->widget('application.widgets.alohaeditor.AlohaEditor', array( 'selector' =>
 '.editable' ));

Using with a model and a basic toolbar

$this->widget('application.widgets.alohaeditor.AlohaEditor', array('toolbar' =>
 'basic', 'model' =>
 $model, 'attribute' =>
 'some_attribute' ));
  • There are two toolbars supported right now: basic and advanced
  • At any point you can add more plugins to the toolbar by assigned array elements to the plugins property in the widget

Using with a model and a basic toolbar and custom plugins

widget('application.widgets.alohaeditor.AlohaEditor', array('toolbar' =>
 'basic', 'plugins' =>
 array('extra/hints'), 'model' =>
 $model, 'attribute' =>
 'some_attribute' ));

Using with a model and a basic toolbar and custom editor settings

$this->widget('application.widgets.alohaeditor.AlohaEditor', array('alohaSettings' =>
 array('lang' =>
 'fr'), 'model' =>
 $model, 'attribute' =>
 'some_attribute' ));
  • Supported languages currently: de, en, fr, lv, pl, pt_br, ru, ua
  • Refer to the documentation for a list of supported params for the settings array

Using with a name and value

$this->widget('application.widgets.alohaeditor.AlohaEditor', array( 'name' =>
 'some name', 'value' =>
 'some value' ));


Vincent Gabriel http://vadimg.com