Yii E-Commerce Platform – Language Manager

Latest feature in the Yii E-Commerce platform is the Language Manager. This language manager is similar to the one i’ve used in Yii Framework CMS, With a few new features. With the current language manger you can:

  • Create/Update/Delete Languages from the control panel

  • Translate strings for each language separately

  • Sync between source language and destination language

  • Sync all languages

  • View only strings requiring translation in a language

  • Search for strings in a language

  • Set language to be public or private

  • See how many strings were translated versus number of total strings available

  • Export language as an xml file

  • Import language from a previously exported record - you can either update existing ones or skip them when importing. Import will create language if it’s not present.

See screenshot to get an idea of how this works.

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