PHP 5.3 Zend Certified

Just wanted to let everyone know that i took the new PHP 5.3 Zend Certification and passed it. I did not study as much as i did for the two previous ones but i did read about the new changes in PHP 5.3 and blogged about them as well as you can probably see in my recent blog posts.

I went and ordered my Voucher from the Zend Online Store the other day and took it today Friday Oct 15 at 10:00 GMT +2, Took me about 45 minutes to complete the entire test and once i submitted the results it took the system a second to calculate everything and provide me with the result that i passed.

I was quite in a shock, The questions were a lot harder (at least for me) then the previous two, Maybe it’s just because i did not study that hard, But in the questions i was not sure of i just used simple logic. I had lots of questions about the SPL (Standard PHP Library), Streams (Options), And of course the new PHP 5.3 Features such as Namespaces, Closures, Late static binding and pretty much everything i recently blogged about, So it turned out to be a good practice for me.

At the end of the day i’m glad with the way things turned out, One thing i am disappointed about is the fact that Zend increased the exam price (Again) from the usual $125 for PHP 5 to $195 for PHP 5.3. It’s amazing i spent over $450 for those tests, Not that i am complaining or anything but i don’t see a reason why they have to increase the price for every new exam they release, But that’s history.

Overall i spend the following:

PHP 5 - $125

Zend Framework - $160

PHP 5.3 - $195

Total: $480
So once i get my Zend profile updated with the new certification logo i will update my Linkedin profile and my certificates that appear on the sidebar here on my blog. The logo is pretty neat and looks like this:

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