InlineReport - Report content inline

InlineReport is a small JQuery plugin written to allow website users and visitors to report content they see as a bug, Inappropriate, Spam, or event report typos they see in blog posts, Articles, Tutorials, News and any other content.

Using InlineReport is Simple, Easy and efficient. All you need to do is to load the single required JS file onto the webpage, Insert one simple line to the document source code (To initialize the InlineReport) and your good to go.

Triggering the InlineReport can be modified with ease, With the default implementation you need to press the CTRL + Z to see the report modal box. Note that it will only trigger if there is a text selected (Meaning something on the page is selected).

The InlineReport is actually active in this website and you can go ahead and select a text and hit the combination keys mentioned above and you should see it in action.

InlineReport is optimized to work with all modern browsers including IE6+, FF2+, Safari 3+, Opera 9+, Chrome. Its appearance can be customized to fit your sites look and feel.

Translation is done with basic knowledge as well, Some languages are supported and you can download the plugin in your native language if its supported and listed under our supported languages section.

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