I have recently thought about an extension i needed for a site i was working on, And while i was writing it i though why wouldn’t i make it as an extension for the Yii framework as i already use it for the same project and other projects as well. So i would like to introduce to you the new Yii Gravatar Extension.

You can download it by visiting This Page

The usage is simple:

'email' => 'myemail[at]mydomain.com', // email to display the gravatar belonging to it
'hashed' => false, // if the email provided above is already md5 hashed 
// then set this property to true, defaults to false
'default' => 'http://www.mysite.com/default_gravatar_image.jpg', 
// if an email is not associated with a gravatar this image will be displayed,
// by default this is omitted so the Blue Gravatar icon will be displayed you can also set this to
// "identicon" "monsterid" and "wavatar" which are default gravatar icons
'size' => 50, // the gravatar icon size in px defaults to 40
'rating' => 'PG', // the Gravatar ratings, Can be G, PG, R, X, Defaults to G
'htmlOptions' => array( 'alt' => 'Gravatar Icon' ), 
// Html options that will be appended to the image tag