“The 1.0.11 release is a maintenance release over the previous 1.0 releases. It includes about ten bug fixes and many minor feature enhancements. Please check the change log for complete list of changes.”

צוות הפיתוח של Yii פרסם גרסא חדשה ל FRAMEWORK שלהם, הגרסא האחרונה הינה 1.0.11 (שזאת כמובן הגרסא היציבה גרסאת ה 1.1 כרגע בשלב RC1).

אחד הדברים החשובים שנוספו לגרסא זו (1.0.11) היא האפשרות לקבל את מה שכרגע מוגדר בסאב-דומיין של הקישור כפרמטר GET לכל דבר.

לדוגמא נתון הקישור:


ניתן דרך המערכת לקבל את ה ‘en’ בתור פרמטר GET לכל דבר, דבר מאוד חשוב שכבר בקשו אותו בעבר והמפתחים החליטו להוסיפו (שדרך אגב גם קיים ב ZF).

פרטים נוספים לגבי האפשרות הזאת והסבר ניתן למצוא כאן

רשימת כל השינויים שבוצעו בגרסא הזאת:

Version 1.0.11 December 13, 2009
- Bug #608: yiic webapp command may generate incorrect path referring to yii scripts (Qiang)
- Bug #637: CDateTimeParser::parse() may generate unexpected result offset by the timezone in some environment (Qiang)
- Bug #639: CJSON::decode() should respect the second parameter recursively (Qiang)
- Bug #641: CDbCache::gc() is not defined (Qiang)
- Bug #651: Fixed a bug in Oracle driver that may cause big loop (Qiang)
- Bug #653: CDbMessageSource does translate messages when caching is enabled (Qiang)
- Bug #670: Requirements checker page shows wrong minute (Qiang)
- Bug #691: CUploadedFile::saveAs() may not return correct value for some PHP versions (Qiang)
- Bug #692: CHtml::listOptions() ignores the HTML options when handling nested options (Qiang)
- Bug #710: CRequiredValidator does not work as expected when its requiredValue is not null (Qiang)
- Bug: CQueue::peek() should return the first item in the queue (Qiang)
- Enh #629: Added support for specifying shell command search path via an environment variable YIIC_SHELL_COMMAND_PATH (Qiang)
- Enh #643: Enhanced CAccessControlFilter::expression, COutputCache::varyByExpression and CExpressionDependency::expression so that they can use PHP callback (Qiang)
- Enh #665: Added support for using CStarRating to collect tabular input (Qiang)
- Enh #672: Added Italian translation of error views (Qiang)
- Enh #674: Improved CPgsqlSchema to support auto-incremental column in composite primary  key (Qiang)
- Enh #677: Improved CPgsqlColumnSchema to recognize more column data types (Qiang)
- Enh #679: Added support for parsing and creating URLs with parameterized hostnames (Qiang)
- Enh #684: Improved Yii::import() to throw exception when set_include_path fails (Qiang)
- Enh #685: Added support for recognizing "Z" in CDateFormatter (Qiang)
- Enh #690: Enhanced the email validator pattern to capture 99% valid email addresses (Qiang)
- Enh #694: CActiveRecord count methods will ignore criterias that are incomatible with COUNT SQL statement (Qiang)
- Enh #697: Relational AR queries now also invoke CActiveRecord::beforeFind() (Qiang)
- Enh #703: Upgraded autocomplete js code to version 1.1.0 (Qiang)
- Enh #715: CHtml::textArea and CHtml::activeTextArea should respect the 'encode' option (Qiang)
- Enh: Added core message translation in Thai (Peerajak)
- Enh: Allow CHtml::label() and CHtml::activeLabel() not to render the 'for' attribute when it is set false (Qiang)
- Chg #723: When merging a CDbCriteria with another, the latter's order clause will take precedence over the former (Qiang)
- New #709: Added core message translation in Bosnian language (kenci81)