Custom Test Center

I have been wanting make some sort of a test center to allow visitors to actually take an exam on various subjects such as PHP, MySQL, JS etc.

Currently i have added two tests with over 40 different questions related to the PHP programming language. One is for beginners and the other is for more advanced programmers, In order to see the second PHP test you will need to pass the first one. You can do as many tests as you like, Each test will be scored at the end based on the answers you provide. Some of the questions can have more then one answer but most of them have only a single answer that is fully correct.

You can register to that system (preferred - since if more then one person logs in as the guest the other will be disconnected ), Or log in using the guest user name and password (Just use the ‘login as guest’ button). You will be able to take the tests and then view the results, at any time during the test you can review your answers and change your mind if you need to. Each test has a set of questions and a time limit just to make it more interesting. You can also print the questions and your test results to a PDF document or an HTML page.

I will be adding more tests within time, Hopefully this will help some people as it does for me, I like doing tests before i take any kind of exam just to make sure i have some good practice before the real exam takes place. If you want to contribute and add your own questions and/or tests just let me know and we will see what we can do.

To access the test center just visit the following link: Click Here

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